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The latest kitchen colours, styles and design inspiration

The latest kitchen colours, styles and design inspiration

A good kitchen design will delight the senses, encourage creativity and promote our overall happiness and well-being.
While there are trends in the kitchen industry, they are longer lasting (thank goodness) and it’s good to know that investing in a quality, practical and stylish kitchen will stay in vogue for years to come, even decades.

Here are some of the inspirational kitchen colours, styles and designs that have caught my eye.

Splashes of Colour

Navy blue kitchens have been around for a while and are one of my favorite colours for a kitchen island in a neutral kitchen. For the brave however, splashes of brighter hues like turquoise or a warmer sunflower yellow are making their way into kitchens and making quite a statement.

So if you are bored with your neutral kitchen and want to liven it up, adding bright colours is a great way to do it. If you are not able to paint your kitchen, introduce some bright accessories, you will be amazed at the difference they will make.

Black is the New White

I waited ten years for my white kitchen and now this!
Luckily (for me) white kitchens remain the most popular colour choice for kitchens with grey coming in second. But, if you looking for that wow factor, look no further than the trend towards black kitchens. Black cabinets are sleek, elegant and sophisticated and their unique appearance creates a focal point of the kitchen design.

Check out this kitchen by German-based company Schroder Kuchen. The luxurious fully integrated, handleless kitchen units offer clean lines for a modern minimalist feel. The addition of wood adds texture and warmth and the white floor and ceiling reflect light.

Mixed Counter Surfaces

Kitchen surfaces are mostly the same material throughout, if there is a difference then it is usually a butchers block on the kitchen island, but some designs are incorporating both wood and stone or metal on the island. A great looking idea that is practical too.

Counter Cabinets

If you like the look of integrated kitchens, counter cabinets are great because they allow you to hide small appliances you may keep on your kitchen counter like kettles, toasters, smoothie makers etc, while still allowing you easy access. They will take away some of your working space though, so be sure you have enough counter space before including counter cabinets.

Sustainable Kitchens

The importance of sustainability and protecting our environment is gaining momentum and more people are embracing green living. There are lots of ways you can go green in your home and kitchen that will not only be kinder to the environment but also save you money.

When planning a new kitchen ask for sustainable and green rated materials to be used. Optimise natural light and use energy saving light bulbs.  Check that any appliances you buy for your kitchen have a good energy rating.

Look into including a waste disposal system or green bin for biodegradable waste that can be turned into compost.

Smart Kitchens

One of the biggest stories we are seeing is the development of more connected appliances.
From the AEG ProCombi Plus Smart oven launched in 2015, with an integrated camera that allows you cook from your mobile device to interconnected fridges and freezers where you can “take a shelfie” allowing you to see what is in your fridge when you are in the supermarket.

Timeless Kitchens 

The best and longest lasting kitchens are those that suit your lifestyle. For me a perfect mix of classic and contemporary, happy and sophisticated, practical and elegant is the way to go. Much like Emily Henderson’s Portand kitchen renovation 


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