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Classic color paint for your living room

Classic color paint for your living room

The living room is a special place where time is spent relaxing with family and friends. With that in mind the color you choose for the walls should be one that all family members feel comfortable with.  Here are some considerations to think about before choosing your living room paint color:

  • What mood will you create?

Blues, greens and neutrals are generally relaxing, even if it depends on shade. Red, orange and yellow are more dramatic, sociable and exciting.

  • Is the room a cold or a warm one?

You can feel warmer in a cold room by choosing a warmer color for the walls.

  • What is the floor, fabric and furniture color?

For example, a red carpet could reflect a rose glow on some space walls.

  • So how does lighting in the room simply look like?

Look how light in the living room affects the color of your walls. This helps you to choose a lighter or darker shade of the color you want. These classic Plascon colors are as popular today as they were years ago when you are looking for inspiration.


A modern, fresh and airy white living room. However, brilliant white can create a glare on the walls and make the room feel cold and inviting. My advice would be to select

an off-white for the walls like Dried Leaf, which beautifully offsets the white accessories and creates some interest as the whites play off.



A gray and beige mixture, greige is popular because it is warmer and more friendly than gray. Resplendent is a popular choice.

Warm natural

Warm natural colors such as In the Mood are cozy, warm and welcoming. Make sure to introduce different textures, tints and shades to avoid boring a natural pattern.


Blackish is currently in the trend, but it’s also a classic color. The color black is not an easy color to live with, so start with small doses of black and make sure that there is plenty of light to balance it. Bring natural wood and green plants to the nature, making the room warmer and more welcoming.


A dark marine blue such as Moody Blue is elegant and sophisticated, the ideal color for a living room wall. The addition of wood and leather adds warmth and the metallic adds a touch of glamour.


Red is full of drama and is ideal for a wall in a living room where you can socialize or have a lot of fun. Passion red is a great color.


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